Hey all, I have a slight problem with multi catal...
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Hey all, I have a slight problem with multi catalog files. Im using OmegaConfigLoader and I have the following structure. catalog in bigquery gets recognized but not s3. Is this the expected behavior? Thanks in advance
if they have the same keys there may be a destructive merge happening, the file name is not taken into account
you may need to use either
configuration environments
or unique keys
I had a test env, I thought same stuff would override each other but somehow doesnt look like so. If I only define this under conf/test/ it works 🤔
It is indeed don't override. If I have _x parameter in and a normal dataset in base, changing _x in test env has no affect. I remember it used to work with TemplatedConfigLoader 🤔
hmm I’m not sure then
I’m not up to date with the latest OmegaConfig stuff though
Thanks anyway thankyou