Is there a way to dump the parameters to a file or...
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Is there a way to dump the parameters to a file or access the parameters of the current run conveniently? If I run my Kedro pipeline and override parameter xyz to be 5 instead of 3 for that run only, is it possible to dump the parameters.yml with the overwritten parameter xyz?
My pipeline saves models, results, preprocessed data for future use. I'm trying to figure out a way to save the entire pipeline parameters specific to that run of the pipeline. If that makes sense
My first thought was to just have a node that takes in all the parameters for the whole pipeline, then dump them out. But that seems clunky and not good practice since I'd have to back and update each time another code change involving changing parameters happens
For future readers, I just found that you can pass a dictionary of all the parameters to a node by just setting inputs="parameters" so in my case I'll do that. I'm open to other suggestions though
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use of
is perfectly fine
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