I am trying to register a "plotly.PlotlyDataSet" t...
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I am trying to register a "plotly.PlotlyDataSet" type in the catalog and get this error:
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DatasetError: Failed while saving data to data set
or_fecha.json, load_args={}, plotly_args={'fig': {'orientation': h, 'x': fecha, 'y': numero}, 'type': line},
protocol=file, save_args={}).
Value of 'x' is not the name of a column in 'data_frame'. Expected one of [0] but received: fecha
Hi this is because plotly.PlotlyDataSet expects a dataframe not a figure. It creates the figure under the hood so it's not really done in the node, the node should just return a df. Maybe you should switch to using plotly.JSONDataSet in which the expected return type is a plotly figure. See the difference here in the docs - https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/visualisation/visualise_charts_with_plotly.html
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ok, it works now!! I read that documentations before but i understood bad. thanks a lot 馃檪