Hi all. I need to specify a `date_parser` in the c...
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Hi all. I need to specify a
in the catalog. Is there a way to specify a lambda function in the YAML file?
In the future we’ll allow you to provide a custom omegaconf resolver to do this
Today I think you’d have to do a custom dataset or hook
In general it’s seen as a big security risk to expose imperative code like this directly in yaml however
Custom resolver is the way. We are making it easier to use. In the mean time you can do this. # settings.py if not OmegaConf.has_resolver("dummy"): OmegaConf.register_new_resolver("dummy", lambda x: x) CONFIG_LOADER_CLASS = OmegaConfigLoader
You don't need the full custom class, but it is a good example how to use it.