Hi everybody! I'm currently analyzing a large numb...
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Hi everybody! I'm currently analyzing a large number of signals (N~=100), where the source data is organized as a partitioned data set. For each of these signals I want to make a plotly plot of each signal, such that I can explore the plots nicely e.g. in
kedro viz
. I saved the plots as follows:
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  type: PartitionedDataSet
  path: data/08_reporting/plots
    type: plotly.JSONDataSet
  filename_suffix: '.json'
Saving all the plots worked just fine (and I was able to load and show individual JSONs via
fig = plotly.io.read_json(file); fig.show()
. But it turns out, when you save plots in bulk like this, they cannot be displayed in kedro viz. Is there a way to allow accessing bulk-saved-plots from kedro-viz (e.g., clicking the partitioned dataset in kedro viz, then having the option to select a specific plots), without forcing me to literally have a hundred JSONDataSets cluttering kedro viz? Thank you so much 😊 Edit: I'm also open for other (non-kedronic) ideas regarding the exploration of a large bulk of plotly plots.
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If you have hundred of plots that need to be explored, I guess you need a proper dashboard/BI tools for exploration instead?