Hi team, question regarding a DeprecationWarning. ...
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Hi team, question regarding a DeprecationWarning. I get this warning that kedro.extras.datasets will be deprecated etc in Kedro 0.19 and to install kedro-datasets. Have done this, but still getting warning (even though no dataset I have depends on this). I have 1 custom dataset which I use a lot of places. I believe the warning is cropping up because in kedro.io.core it is polling through _DEFAULT_PACKAGES if any of those classes exist and goes through custom datasets last ie "" so even though I'm not using kedro.extras.datasets it still polls and produces warning. Not breaking or anything, but is there anything to be done?
I haven’t verify this behaviour. The warning is a reminder to that kedro.extras.datasets is going to be deprecated and kedro-datasets should be used instead. There is nothing to do if you have never imported the kedro.extras namespace.
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