Is this a valid kedro pipeline?
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Is this a valid kedro pipeline?
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I'd say yes! (But I very much fear this is a trap 🧐)
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It’s actually a valid one😁 (which I thought is not). I have always have the impression that it need to be a DAG, turns out it can be more than 1. This actually makes my life easier as I am working on a solution to recover a failing pipeline.
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This makes me wonder, is this mapping allowed in the orchestrator. i.e. Can you run this on Airflow or does
work in this case?
kedro-airflow will run, but I think Airflow does not accept tasks without dependency, is it similar in Argo? @Deepyaman Datta
I believe this is a valid DAG though? There’s no requirement for a DAG to be fully connected - see
@Nok Lam Chan Sorry, even after looking it up (and without trying it), I'm not 100% sure? You can have multi-rooted dags, but I'm not 100% sure if it can be disconnected. Even if it's not possible, could have a second
type? I think it's mostly just for organization, as DAG is only a subset of things you can schedule with Argo Workflows.
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