:kedro: Hi <!here>, we are excited to announce tha...
# announcements
K Hi <!here>, we are excited to announce that Kedro
is out! K
TLDR: In this release, we added lots of documentation changes, introduced the
environment variable to configure logging and added the full
kedro run
CLI command to session store to improve run reproducibility using Kedro-Viz experiment tracking.
Kedro 0.18.8 is a non-breaking release in the 0.18.x series, which means you can upgrade with:
pip install kedro==0.18.8
conda install -c conda-forge kedro==0.18.8
🚀 Major Features/Changes • Added
environment variable, which can be used to configure logging from the beginning of the kedro process. • Removed logs folder from the Kedro new project template. File-based logging will remain but just be level
and above and go to project root instead. 🪲 Bug fixes and other changes • Improvements to Jupyter E2E tests. • Added full
kedro run
CLI command to session store to improve run reproducibility using Kedro-Viz experiment tracking. ✍️ Documentation changes • Improvements to Sphinx toolchain including incrementing to use a newer version. • Improvements to documentation on visualising Kedro projects on Databricks, and additional documentation about the development workflow for Kedro projects on Databricks 🧱 • Improvements to documentation about configuration. • Updated table of contents for documentation to reduce scrolling. • Added deprecation warnings about the removal of
. • And more! 🗞️ In other news: we’ve welcomed @marrrcin to the Kedro Technical Steering Committee! You can read more details about this fantastic news on our blog. Have you tried Kedro-Viz? Kedro-Viz is an interactive development tool for building and visualising data science pipelines with Kedro. It enables you to monitor the status of your ML project, present it to stakeholders, and smoothly bring new team members onboard. It also offers experiment tracking, and the ability to preview code and datasets. How do I get Kedro-Viz? • Python:
pip install kedro-viz==6.0.0
• React:
npm install @quantumblack/kedro-viz@latest
Visit demo.kedro.org to try out Kedro-Viz We welcome every community contribution, large or small. See what we're working on now and report bugs or suggest future features. Until next time, The Kedro Team 💛
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