Hi :slightly_smiling_face: I am running a simple ...
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Hi šŸ™‚ I am running a simple pipeline which has the following config in a yml
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    date_column: date
    window_length: 0d
    gap: 0d
    check_groups: null
    continue_if_missing: true
I am trying to edit the parameter
kedro run --pipeline ... --params=...
, but I need to overwrite the whole dictionary
This is because the dictionary is passed as a whole to a node, and updating that specific subkey will not actually update the whole dictionary
Is this a reasonable way to operate? If we had more robust deployment patterns I could simply replace the specific config.yml file, but atm it isn't trivial to do
Using the
flag as you've shown above is a reasonable way to operate, especially when you only have a few parameters to update. Just be aware that you need to provide all the key-value pairs for the new dictionary, even if only one key-value pair is changed.
I was having issues getting kedro to recognize the parameters as a whole dictionary, I think it was parsing it as a string. I ended up going for modifying my deployment a bit and injecting an additional parameters file in my kubernetes pod through the configMap šŸ™‚
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