Hi everyone! I'm Steph, a designer working on Kedr...
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Hi everyone! I'm Steph, a designer working on Kedro-Viz and recently joined the team 👋 K We'd love to learn more from our non-technical users - these are users who are not as comfortable using the CLI (command-line interface) and they use Kedro-Viz to follow 'what's going on' and inspect the code. I'd love to know - do we have any non-technical users in our community here? or do you work with someone that is a non-technical kedro user, perhaps your team lead or project stakeholders? If you are or know someone, please could you react with a 🙋 emoji or comment below? Many thanks!! 🤓
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Hi Stephanie, I’m a team lead ^^, we use kedro in all our projects. Every project has a reporting pipeline, that pipeline generates a report that contains the answers for every possible question our stakeholders usually make, imagine like a birth certificate: • Data used and characteristics. • Model(s) used, params and characteristics. • Feature importance. • Metrics. • Repo info,…. Any other info deemed necessary. I would live to be able to import kedro-viz into code and generate png plots of the whole project or parts of it, without having to run kedro-viz separately. Regarding how I use it today, I do exactly what you say, running kedro viz is the first thing I do to check how a project is going 😊.
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awesome, Javier! 🙌 i'd love to hear more, would you be open to sharing more of your perspective with us? I can reach out to you with more details 🙂
@Stephanie Kaiser sure thing! happy to help 🙂
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