Hi guys! I'm currently having trouble with the ex...
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Hi guys! I'm currently having trouble with the execution order of catalog.save after a node ran, and the after_node_run hook, which I use to trigger mlflow documentation. node:
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            inputs=["estimator", "modelinput_x_" + name],
            outputs="modeloutput_" + name,
            tags=["output", "output_" + name] + tags,
            name="predict_" + name
The output is configured in the data catalog. hook after_node_run_run:
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if node.name == 'predict_dach_testsplit_test':
                //This is the output of the node:
                y_pred_prob_comb_test = catalog.load('modeloutput_dach_testsplit_test')
In the logs, it seems like kedro tries to load the data in the hook, before is was written by the catalog. Is this possible and is it meant to act like that? Could be fixed by using "outputs['modeloutput_dach_testsplit_test'] instead of catalog.load., but in my understanding it should not be necessary. Thanks in advance!
you can run this
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Thank you!