:mega: hello <!channel>! we're kickstarting our Co...
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📣 hello <!channel>! we're kickstarting our Community Updates kedroid live events for the Kedro team to share news about what has happened in the Kedro ecosystem in recent months, and for you to ask the team anything you want! Join us on April 5th to see what's new in the latest Kedro 0.18.x releases, including the new
, as well as the new shiny Kedro-Viz 6.0 release Expect a lot of updates on new functionality and an open forum with the core team. Bring your questions and, we look forward to seeing you! 🚀 🌏🌍 April 5th 0800 0845 UTC: Register here! 🌍🌎 April 5th 1500 1545 UTC: Register here! See you soon! The Kedro Team K
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