:kedro: Hi <!here>, we are excited to announce tha...
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K Hi <!here>, we are excited to announce that Kedro 0.18.7 is out! K
TLDR: In this release, we introduced a new CLI command to setup a Jupyter Kernel for Kedro, functionality to package and read your configuration as a compressed file, and massive improvements to our on-boarding guides!
Kedro 0.18.7 is a non-breaking release in the 0.18.x series, which means you can upgrade with:
pip install kedro==0.18.7
conda install -c conda-forge kedro==0.18.7
🚀 Major Features/Changes • Added new Kedro CLI
kedro jupyter setup
to setup Jupyter Kernel for Kedro. •
kedro package
now includes the project configuration in a compressed
file. • Added functionality to the
to load configuration from compressed files of
format. This feature requires
. • Significant improvements to on-boarding documentation that covers setup for new Kedro users. Also some major changes to the spaceflights tutorial to make it faster to work through. We think it’s a better read. Tell us if it’s not. 🪲 Bug fixes and other changes • Added a guide and tooling for developing Kedro for Databricks. • Implement missing dict-like interface for
. 🗞️ In other news: Kedro datasets has had several releases over the past months which include the addition of the
by @Vladimir Filimonov @Heber Urdaneta and
by @Walber Moreira We welcome every community contribution, large or small. See what we're working on now and report bugs or suggest future features. Until next time, The Kedro Team 💛
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@Viktoriia Oliinyk Support for Snowflake ❤️. You need to use Python 3.8 because Snowpark only supports Python 3.8.